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A LIVE, powerful workshop to learn the EXACT steps to create long-lasting, sustainable changes in your mindset, subconscious programming and trauma healing for 

Are you ready to create the life you never thought was possible for yourself, transform the way you feel in and about yourself every single day, transform your relationships and make more money?

Too many of us limit the success of our career and waste our precious life on autopilot, on worrying about what others think of us, on striving to please others, be perfect and letting old “I’m not enough” beliefs, fear and doubts get in the way of the thriving business and life we are meant to live
Too many of us limit the success of our business and waste our precious life on autopilot, on worrying about what others think of us, on striving to please others, be perfect and letting old “I’m not enough” beliefs, fear and doubts get in the way of the thriving business and life we are meant to live
You know you’re meant for more in your life and business, but you don’t know the exact steps to take (yet)... 

Are you ready to:
  • ​​Ditch your imposter. No longer care about what others think of you and take bold action in your business and life
  • ​Quit procrastinating and propel your productivity
  • ​Quit overthinking everything, second and triple guessing yourself, your decisions and choices
  • ​Break free from the people pleasing, no longer striving to be liked and loved  
  • ​Ditch the perfectionist, no longer living in debilitating fear of being seen in all of your imperfections
  • ​No longer have to manage anxiety and stress on a daily basis and wake up each morning feeling content without that pit in your stomach
  • ​Own exactly who you are and what you bring to the world
  • ​Have fearless visibility and step out with unwavering confidence, self-belief and self-trust 
  • ​Make more MONEY and IMPACT, while living out your purpose
This is what is possible for you and so much more. STOP trying to figure it out by yourself

I am going to teach you HOW you can make this your reality, and create the life and business you have always wanted for yourself

You’ll leave the masterclass knowing exactly what to do next to get results.
In this masterclass, I’ll be teaching you the 5 principles you will need to EFFECTIVELY rewire your mindset, heal your trauma and return home to yourself so you can make more INCOME (and keep it!) and bring in more JOY and PEACE.

Surface level mindset work and talking therapy simply does not work. 

We cannot think our way to rewiring our subconscious programming, healing the trauma and releasing the blocks. 

This is stuff you don’t even know is running the show and impacting your business and life, because it is outside of your conscious awareness.

When the alarm bell of the emotional brain keeps signalling that you are in danger, NO amount of insight will silence it. 

This work must be processed on a whole bodily level, and in these 60mins, 
I will teach you HOW.

If you want to create the life you never thought was possible for yourself, transform the way you feel about yourself every single day, transform your relationships and make more money, then THIS is where you start.


Understanding Trauma and the Nervous System

People often misunderstand what trauma is. I will teach you how trauma plays a role in our daily life. 

Subconscious Programming & Inner Child Work

I will teach you how you start to bring awareness to your subconscious programming, to all those beliefs (you didn’t even realise you had!) that are currently unknowingly running the show and leading you to under or over react to certain situations.

Top-Down & Bottom-Up Approach

I will teach you how to start healing and create big changes in your mindset and trauma healing - all based on the latest neuroscience and trauma research.

Reparenting Work

I will introduce what reparenting and reconnection work is, and what you can start doing NOW to rewire your subconscious programming & create real changes

Integration Process

I will take you through a powerful process LIVE AND there will be some life-changing GROUP COACHING. You will begin to feel the transformative effects of this work 




Before working with you, I felt like I hadn't had the shifts and changes previously that I wanted.

I have experienced so many major shifts since working together. Working with the nervous system is such different advice to all the generic stuff out there. And I love that.

I was in a really bad state a few months ago. I'd had a miscarriage amongst other things.
And I really feel like I'm in a much better position now with my anxiety, and with where I am in my own headspace. I feel so much better.

Your compassion and approach is definitely something that I haven't seen before, and I had been searching for it for a very long time.

I always used to take a backseat to certain things. I didn't like to be demanding. I wouldn't be the one making final decisions on things.

However now I'm more in the driver's seat of my own life and in my work as well.

Being able to speak more confidently and be more clear in what I want and why I want it and managing stress better, has been life-changing. Those things have been big
I am now also more in touch with my emotions and my feelings, having always been uncomfortable with feeling and raised in an environment where I could not express them. 

I am now able to be more present in everything I do.

Kira, Scotland

I have experienced so many big results since working together. Certainly allowing myself to not be in control of everything all the time, allowing myself to feel and just be, enjoying life for what it is, rather than having to have it all mapped out all the time and just learning to deal with my triggers from my traumas.

I just feel so much more positive about my future and life now because I feel that I will continue to work, continue to evolve, and just continue to reduce those times when I am triggered and be able to navigate my way through them with so much ease.

And I can just see how over the last few months, I've been so much braver and trusted myself a lot more, and I can just see that getting better and better.

Yeah, the future looks bright. Is that an advert? 

I sat on the fence for far too long. I'm 54 years old. I've wasted so many years. I could have dealt with this a long time ago.There is no merit in waiting.

Having said this, I've got the rest of my life to enjoy the positive things that are happening. And that's exciting

Tina, U.K.


In the last few months of working together, I've started to shift into being more present to the little moments, more able to make choices for me now. Nicole has this uncanny ability of creating a space that is so warming and gentle, while being very inquisitive and firm. Working with her this year has been one of the best choices I've done in a long time. Thank you Nicole! 

Bri, Portugal

Thank you SO much for all your support, from when we first spoke and throughout the last few months. You showed up for me at just the right time (thank you Universe). Thank you for providing the safety and validation that I needed to be really heard. You invited and encouraged me to go deeper and talk about what's really going on, and without that I wouldn't have shared what I was really struggling with.

​And now I'm in a place where I've never felt better about myself. To have someone that you can bring your full self to, and be real with what's really going on is a gift.

​I finally feel that I'm on a path that aligns with my true Self, after spending my whole life trying to do what I'm 'supposed' to do. This year has been absolutely life-changing for me, and you have been a hugely significant part of that.

I know I've said it before, but you really have been a gift from the Universe.

Sarah, U.K.

"Working with Nicole is a gift. I continue to feel more grounded and present in my body and in my life because of the work we did together."

Ali, U.S.A

Having Nicole as your coach is a surefire way to make the changes you’re ready for! She holds a powerful and safe container, skillfully guides you to the core of what needs to shift within yourself, and makes sure you have a fail-proof accountability and execution plan.

If you’re anything like me, your old patterns die hard. Consistent coaching with Nicole will increase awareness, resilience, and the gentleness and self-acceptance you need to FINALLY let go of outdated patterns and step into wholeness

David, U.S.A


With love,

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